Cafe zum Glück

A company run by pupils? Every year pupils from Poland and Germany meet in Trebnitz to learn extra-curricular skills. Some of them run the Cafe zum Glück on weekends and in the summer already and join the workshops to meet new members. This time, we were invited to offer a workshop in basic collaborative building through carpentry. The task: building a side-board custom made for the needs of the cafe. As a bonus, we can use the green classroom on Campus Schloss Trebnitz for the workshop. We are looking forward to meet the students!

05/05/2022 5pm

Schools of Solidarity at HKW

baucircus has been invited by the HKW (Haus der Kulturen der Welt) to contribute to the project Scools of Sustainability with an input on participatory methods of spatial coproduction. Durig the project S.O.S., artisits work with pupils to investigate climate interventions on spatial and curricular levels under the following disclaimer: "The climate crisis is the greatest challenge of our era. How can the experiences that young activists of the Fridays for Future movement gather outside of school can be taken back to school? Artistic approaches for a climate-neutral school." Meet us at Haus der Materialisierung at Alexanderplatz on 5th of May at 5pm.

Photo: Daniel Seiffert, Floating Universtity Berlin

August 26th 2021

Guided walk to the project site in Falkenberg

Meet the artists in residence Katja Pettersson and baucircus in their ongoing processes in a salon and a walk between Rian, Tegelbruket 6 and Gruebäcken

12:30 Introduction and lunch at Rian Design Museum
13:00 Walk to Tegelbruket 6
13:15 Presentation of Katja Pettersson's work at Tegelbruket 6
13:45 Walk to Gruebäcken
14:15 Presentation of the baucircus process at Gruebäcken

For more information, check Art Inside Out

18/12/2020 4pm

At the Parliament of Urban Rights in Epirus, GR

The “Parliament of Urban Rights” is an ongoing project engaging citizens through physical and non-physical infrastructures to contribute their knowledge, concerns, desires and ideas for common spaces, neighbourhoods and shared living environments. The parliamentery session in Thesprotia, Greece aims to bring together young initiatives and practices based in rural Epirus region to share their challenges and views aiming to produce collaborative, open-ended socio-political imaginaries for the region.

baucircus and Habibi.Works will join the digital parliamentary session "Epirotopia" to dive into rural initiatives in Epirus and their contirbution to a network of commoning practices. The session will be public on December 18th, from 16:00 to 18:00 CET.

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November 2020

At Habibi.Works in Greece

baucircus has arrived in Epirus to spend the winter supporting Habibi.Works in connecting the residents of the region with the newcomers of the refugee camp through the power of crafts. Habibi.Works is run by the NGO "Soup and Socks e.V.". It's a makers' space with ten different working areas open for ideas, teaching workshops and group projects.

Have a look at their great work, it's worth supporting!